Bitstamp to monitor market manipulations via Irisium

Posted 27 November, 2018

One of the oldest crypto trading platforms – Bitstamp – is modernizing its solutions striving to become more attractive for the institutional investors.

It was reported today that the exchange is implementing the tracking tool Irisium Surveillance. For reference, this instrument is used by Asian Pacific Exchange to track the market manipulations and suspicious activities.

Besides, the company also entered into a partnership with Cinnober which focuses on the solutions for the financial sector.

As the platform's CEO noted, their team is targeting fair and well-organized market featuring true supply and demand. He also added that the segment may keep with new technologies and instruments for market manipulation prevention.

Irisium website reads:

"The system makes available the tools and analytical data to enable regulators to identify, track and investigate any trading activity,"

This system was developed by the regulator and exchanges experts to assist in tracking manipulations as well as compliance with the European regulations. Irisium representative stated that the partnership with Bitstamp indicates their intentions to boost transparency, reliability and confidence in the crypto market. 

Besides, the exchange also announced the integration of TRADExpress system supplied by Cinnober. 

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28 November, 2018 11:51

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VanEck to launch new financial products in cooperation with NASDAQ

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BitPay confirms vulnerability of Copay wallet
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