BitPay confirms vulnerability of Copay wallet

Posted 27 November, 2018

Following the recent reports about the vulnerability of Node.js module in its wallet, BitPay has reported that the company’s crypto wallet Copay had vulnerability resulted from the Node.js library that was changed and infected with the malware.

The company stated in its blog that the malware code infected Copay wallets versions 5.0.2-5.1.0 and other apps. However, BitPay was not affected. The code can steal private keys of the users.

"Currently we have only confirmed that the malicious code was deployed on versions 5.0.2 through 5.1.0 of our Copay and BitPay apps. However, the BitPay app was not vulnerable to the malicious code. We are still investigating whether this code vulnerability was ever exploited against Copay users." reads the statement.

As a result, BitPay warns that users should not launch the above-mentioned versions of the wallet. The cured wallet has already rolled out and uploaded to the stores. The wallet version is 5.2.0.

In addition, the company also said in the statement that it is necessary to update the affected apps and relocate funds to the new wallets via ”Send Max feature”.
Notably, the project team keeps investigation into the matter willing to determine the size of the threat.

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27 November, 2018 18:28

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Bitstamp to monitor market manipulations via Irisium

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