Bitpanda report: Cryptoholders in Europe

Posted 01 August, 2019

Bitpanda, one of the largest European brokers and cryptocurrency exchange operators, collected and summarized data on a typical cryptocurrency investor from the European Union and neighboring countries.

The report describes a small group of high-risk individuals who are influential enough to make decisions. The study was conducted in partnership with GlobalWebIndex.

As the document reads, crypto investors are people with a strong sense of economic empowerment. Personal interests distinguish the EU investor from others and are dominated by an interest in technology, coding, economics, business, and entrepreneurship. 

Another feature is the strong attraction to sports and games - two industries that strengthened their positions thanks to a crypto boom, promising options for using blockchain technology and even the ability to spend crypto asset. It turned out that only 20% of European crypto investors are women, while in the US the share is 43%.

Cryptocurrency buyers are also relatively wealthy people. But crypto asset as a class still does not attract rich audience as much as other investment opportunities do. Leading crypto investors are also successful in investing in other assets, owning pension and mutual funds or real estate.

In addition, crypto investors come from high value-added industries, including the IT industry and telecommunications, and to a lesser extent, engineering and healthcare. A significant part of investors (up to 20%) work in one form or another in management work.

According to research analysts, Europe remains one of the most rapidly developing cryptographic markets, with Switzerland to lead this process.

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