Bitmain releases hash rate report

Posted 26 July, 2018

Bitmain, the leading crypto mining company, has released hash-rate report under its business transparency programme.

The figures show that the company recorded 1,692 PH/s at SHA 256, 339.7 GH/s at Ethash and 44.2 GH/s at Scrypt. Bitmain did not provide hash rate by cryptos, though the released data reportedly raise eyebrows. Specifically, if all Bitmain miners at SHA 256 deal with bitcoin, they will account for 4% of the network hash rate which is well below the previous estimate of the company share in bitcoin mining.

For now, Bitmain has already faced critics regarding misinformation. Some players state that the company covers sufficient part of the bitcoin hash rate as well as other cryptos. As the previously released data showed, Bitmain pools covered practically 50% of the total bitcoin hash rate. 

At the same time, the company representative said that the hidden mining charges are groundless and the company will not install facilities for covert production. Bitmain added that the facilities are used only small tests.

In addition, Bitmain also negates reports about deliberate empty blocks mining (empty block – a block that contains only one transaction used for reward payment). At the same time, the community believes that the company create bottlenecks in the bitcoin network in such a way willing to drain-away users to Bitcoin Cash. As Bitmain said, they will check every case with the generation of an enormous number of empty blocks and report the results.

Earlier, it was reported that the players are concerned about possible attack 51%. Bitmain operates and AntPool mining pools.

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