Bitmain can grab 51% of bitcoin hash rate in case of further trend development

Posted 26 June, 2018

The recent data shows that mining pools and Antpool run by Bitmain mined 25.5% and 16.5% of all bitcoin blocks respectively. This means that the parent company has access to 42% hash rate of the bitcoin network.

According to the available data, in case of further development of the mining centralization and capacities concentration, Bitmain can control the majority of the hash rate (51%).

As a result, there is a threat that bitcoin network can face so-called attack 51% from the mining corporation. Specifically, similar attacks were launched against the number of altcoins, including Bitcoin Gold, Verge, Litecoin Cash and Monacoin.

Back in 2014, mining pool Ghash that is no longer work, reached 51%-line for a short period of time, though it called users for reallocation of their hash rate to other pools taking into account concerns of the community.

In addition, Antpool launched a promotion striving to lure new miners. It says that bitcoin will be commission-free. The promotion will last till mid-September.

The experts doubt that Bitmain will make attack 51%, as it will be gainless for the company in the long run. However, the community is concerned by the fact that one company control 51% of the hash rate. Specifically, hackers can get control over the network just after the attack.

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