Bithumb and seriesOne announce US-based security token JV

Posted 01 November, 2018

Bithumb, one of the leading South Korean trading platforms, reportedly plans to create a JV with the crowdfunding project seriesOne.

The companies are going to develop and launch an exchange in the USA that will offer trading of security tokens. As the sources commented, the new business is still waiting for the approval of the related authorities in the country, in particular, Securities and Exchange Commission and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Notably, seriesOne has been looking for the cooperation with a South  Korean platform for a long time, as believe Bithumb is the best partner for the development of this concept. At the same time, Bithumb is expected to keep doing its best to become the global financial company, since the blockchain tokenization is likely to keep spreading in the market.

The CEO of seriesOne is sure that this cooperation will result in a one-off solution that will help both tokenize assets and create liquidity thanks to new token exchange. Holders of such security-tokens very often can not only buy services and goods but also get dividends like from common securities.

The new exchange is said to be launched in H1 2019. Bithumb will provide funding and technical assistance for the project.

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02 November, 2018 11:12

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