BitGrail unlikely to resume operations

Posted 24 May, 2018

Despite all attempts, the founders of BitGrail will not resume trading on the platform in the near term.

According to CCN report, the preliminary ban was supported by the court in Florence. Notably, the platform undertakes bankruptcy procedure.

The decision was reportedly made following the petition filed by BonelliErede on behalf of 3,000 users striving to get back their assets. BitGrail founder, Franchesko Firano, known as The Bomber, believes that the theft of 17 million XRB (Nano/RaiBlocks) happened due to the fault of XRB developers. He added that they did not eliminate the gap in Nano protocol via which hackers were able to withdraw assets from the platform.

Meanwhile, Nano company denies the charges stating that they have strong proofs that it is all the fault of the software vulnerability of the exchange. Moreover, it has established the fund to help the people who lost their money.

The court has ordered to seize the remaining assets on the exchange and appoint special supervisors.

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24 May, 2018 13:45

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Crypto prices down probably on crypto tax launch in India

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