Bitfinex/Tether case: Bitfinex allowed not to provide documents to Attorney General so far

Posted 25 September, 2019

The parent company of Bitfinex and Tether – iFinex – has received a rule made by the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court which grants relief from the need to provide documents to the New York Attorney General. The decision was unveiled on September 25.
According to the released document, the Appellate Division determined that the order if Judge Joel M Cohen should be delayed until January 2020.

The rule reads:

"It is ordered that the motion is granted on condition the appeal is perfected on or before November 4, 2019, for the January 2020 Term."

For reference, the Judge supported the petition filed by the office of Attorney General requiring Bitfinex and Tether to provide NYAG with all the documents connected with the ongoing investigation of the possible concealing of $850 million loss.

The case was launched back in May driven by the loan that was received by Bitfinex from the reserves of Tether. Later, the parent company tried to oppose the decision pressing that the plaintiff did not have corresponding rights to run such a probe.
 According to the available information, the court order that blocks asset turnover between the companies remains valid.
 Further proceeding on this case is expected in late 2019.

Earlier, it was reported that Bitfinex announced restart of its IEO platform after the update.

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