Bitfinex resumes operations after upgrade

Posted 27 June, 2019

Bitfinex Cryptocurrency Exchange resumed work after a temporary outage for the planned software update. At the moment, all trading operations are available on the site again, including withdrawal and deposit services.

"Our upgrade is now complete and trading on Bitfinex is once again live.

Thank you all for your patience — we are pleased to present you with an increasingly high quality trading experience! " - Bitfinex indicated in the message.

Initially, representatives of the company stated that the process of downloading the update will take only 7 hours. Due to certain problems, the development team required more time to make the update. Experts noted that the platform was launched to improve asset security and protect transactions from being tracked. Also, developers have introduced new bid matching mechanisms across all platforms, including Ethfinex.

Bitfinex technical director Paolo Ardoino also stated in twitter that the site intends to introduce leverage for derivatives with a factor of 100.

We have quite a steep margin requirement enforcement, with position increases. I’m proud of the result and the protections we have. Of course we’ll have to learn also from experience.

It is planned to introduce perpetual swaps with the possibility of trading only for verified users of the cryptocurrency exchange. He refused to comment on the exact launch date for new instruments.

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