Bitfinex announces more instruments for Honey Framework

Posted 25 October, 2018

Bitfinex has released new instruments under its new Honey Framework. This time, this is a set of libraries for testing and trading strategy implementation.

"As part of the Honey Framework, today we are releasing a new set of open source libraries that together provide a full trading strategy & backtesting framework: bfx-hf-strategy, bfx-hf-backtest, and bfx-hf-data-server," stated the company in the social network.

According to the press release, bfx-hf-strategy, bfx-hf-backtest and bfx-hf-data-server will enable customers to develop their own trade strategies based on the market fluctuations and apply to them bfx-hf-indicators. All strategies can be tested with  bfx-hf-backtest using "historical data, and the Bitfinex APIs for executing on the live markets."

It is worth mentioning that this is just Alpha so far, which means that the libraries can be changed dramatically in the future. However, Bitfinex believes these instruments are stable enough and may be offered to skilled users already now.

With the previously released instruments, the libraries represent a complete set of automated trading solution Honey Framework. As the company commented, the documentation for each library will be posted on the website soon.

Notably, Bitfinex is opened for cooperation with users, so the latter can post comments or suggestions on the corresponding projects Github threads.

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← Dusting attacks resumed, Samourai Wallet said

Samourai Wallet, an anonymous bitcoin wallet solution, has notified users about dusting attack. The project team made the statement in the social network saying that it has detected resumed dusting attacks. For reference, this type of attack is aimed at addresses deanonymization via linking the inputs. The company stated that the potential targets could receive unplanned small bitcoin amounts lately, and thus when they decide to transfer assets, UTXO can be mixed with hacker's inputs opening access to other users' UTXO.


Dusting attacks resumed, Samourai Wallet said

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Oil prices keep slackening in second half of the week →

Following the Wednesday trading results, December Brent futures keeps sliding on London's ICE Futures reaching some $75.78/bbl on Thursday. Prices for WTI also decreased. December futures on NYMEX moved down to $66.41/bbl after the previous strengthening to $66.82/bbl. Oil keeps getting lower in the second half of the week, with investors being focused on reserves reports from the USA. Oil reserves rose by 6.346 million bbl over the past week, which means the increase for the fifth week already. Meanwhile, petroleum and distillates reserves dropped by 4.826 million bbl and 2.262 million bbl respectively.

Oil prices keep slackening in second half of the week
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