Bitcoin developer Peter Todd criticizes Ethereum

Posted 10 October, 2019

Bitcoin Core developers express new claims to those of Ethereum.  Peter Todd, a cryptographer accused the creator of cryptocurrency Vitalik Buterin and other altcoin co-founders of lying to investors. developer stated that their product is a dubious project. 

"ETH is essentially a massive stock offering by a set of founders who lied about it's capabilities,"  tweeted he. 

The developer also criticized the Internet resource Internet Archive for promoting Ethereum. 

"Better to stay out of advertising crypto currencies entirely if you can't keep away from scammy behavior." - added Peter Todd.

The developer has also gone on to defend the actions of a journalist who asked the question of whether or not Ethereum 2.0 will also be a scam.  The Ethereum co-founder called the report unfair and said it disrespects “years of hard work by dozens of people.”

"Given that ETH 1.0 has turned out to be a scam, advertised repeatedly as scalable by people like you who knew it wasn't, why shouldn't an article lead with the obvious question: Will ETH 2.0 also be a scam?" - wrote Todd.

Ethereum has been criticized more than once. In August of this year, Blockstream SEO Samson Moe wrote, that ''Ethereum is a technological dead end''. According to him, the main problem of the digital asset is scalability.

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