Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies post multidirectional changes on Friday

Posted 23 February, 2018

The price of bitcoin and other main cryptocurrencies showed differently directed movement on Friday. Early today bitcoin, the leading virtual currency, was again below $10,000 after its recent jump to some $12,000 observed a week ago.

The Bitfinex saw bitcoin transactions at about $9,757 today morning (9.65% down d-o-d). The top-2 cryptocurrency Ethereum posted a decline to some $824.62 (4.34% down) on this platform. Negative dynamics was seen in the Ripple coin and Litecoin as well. In particular, Ripple was priced at $0.89708 on the Poloniex (9.32% down) and Litecoin lost some 12.78% coming to $190.21 over the period under review.

However, cryptocurrencies reversed the trend and posted gains in the course of the day. As a result, bitcoin was priced at $10,074, while Ethereum reached $954 and Ripple – 0. 95910. Litecoin changed hands at $206.21 (1.26% up).

As it was reported, European authorities are working on regulation of the crypto segment. In particular, German regulator Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) is going to check every ICO token; meanwhile, in France, Autorite des Marches Financiers will classify crypto contracts into derivatives and also ban advertising of such contracts. At the same time, the representative of the Korea Accounting Institute stated that the regulator was about to decide on the classification for the digital coins – liquid assets or non-current assets.

The British regulator initiates an investigation willing to find out whether bitcoin can threaten banking system of the country or not.

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On Friday, the US dollar rate kept expanding vs the majors. The upward dynamics is driven by the minutes of the Federal Reserve meeting and good economic reports in the USA indicating an optimistic state of the US economy. According to the data of the US Labor Department, the number of jobless benefits applications decreased by 7,000 to 222,000 over the past week (forecast – 230,000).

US dollar mostly strengthens on optimistic state of US economy

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