Binance X platform officially goes live

Posted 30 August, 2019

The leading cryptocurrency exchange – Binance – reportedly inaugurated its new platform Binance X aimed at developers and mass promotion of cryptocurrencies.

According to the company, the platform developers will be able to get and share the experience as well as cooperate while building blockchain-based solutions for Binance ecosystem (Binance(dot)com, Binance Chain and Trust Wallet).
 The head of the new platform stated that Binance X targets the development of a high-performance ecosystem of developments in the long run. This ecosystem is said to help developers improve the products aimed at the cryptocurrency area with further promotion of crypto adoption.
He added that the decision to launch such service was driven by an increasing number of developer-oriented products offered by Binance, followed by third-party developers that also build services using the platform.

 The new platform Binance X brings together developers participating in different programmes, including Binance X Fellowship, Binance Labs Incubation and Binance Launchpad.

Binance X Fellowship attracted more than 40 developers and projects.

The company spokesperson also commented on the way to select the projects that will take part in the initiative. In particular, the company assess talents. The projects are said to be open source and available for the community members.

By now the platform has drafted a list of projects for which it is going to attract developers.

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