Binance to delist 4 digital coins

Posted 09 October, 2018

Trading platform Binance has announced delisting of several digital coins. The exchange will cease trading of the following coins: Bytecoin (BCN), ChatCoin (CHAT), Iconomi (ICN) and Triggers (TRIG).

As the company explained its move in the recent press release, these measures result from regular reviews that are carried out to maintain users' security and confirm the quality of the assets offered at the platform.

"In order to protect our users, the Binance team conducts comprehensive and periodic reviews of each digital asset listed on our platform to ensure projects maintain a high standard of quality. In the event a coin or token falls below this quality standard, it will be subject to further review and potentially delisted," the statement reads. 

According to Binance, the digital asset assessment includes such items as quality and level of development activity, developers' interest in the project, the stability of the network and smart contract, public communication, contribution to a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem, etc.

At the same time, Binance spokesperson did not specify the reasons and conditions that were broken by the delisted projects. 

According to the released report, trading of 4 digital coins will be stopped on October 12, whereas users will be able to withdraw assets till November 12.

"Going forward, we remain committed to protecting our users and all Binance stakeholders and will continue to perform periodic reviews of all listed coins and tokens," the company added.

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09 October, 2018 14:47

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Switzerland reportedly saw the first license for crypto asset management. The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) granted the license to Crypto Finance, which enables providing of crypto-related to institutional clients. With this license, Crypto Finance will become able to expand the list of offered collective investment products, including funds in Switzerland. In addition, Crypto Finance can also consult institutional clients regarding investment activities, which means that the company may stand along with the traditional asset managers in the country. It is worth mentioning that some other companies are also waiting for such license from the Swiss regulator.

Switzerland issues first license for crypto asset management

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Fundraising via ICO can be approved in UAE
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