Binance gets into scrape with CyClean project

Posted 09 August, 2018

Blockchain company CyClean from South Korea faced a scandal of a possible agreement with Binance. The project ICO ends on August 31. 

According to the news reports, it is suspected that the company misinformed users about upcoming listing on the Binance exchange. And such move is supposed to be connected with their intentions to lure investors for their ICO.

As Binance spokesperson commented to the media, their policy does not allow disclosing any information before the listing. Moreover, the platform will cancel the agreement if a company makes public information before the official release on the site. Besides, this also can reportedly be explained by the intentions to hike prices in such a way.

"Real partners never make single sided announcements, those who do never become one. Any claims of listing or partnership with Binance that do not originate from us should be considered FALSE," stated the exchange CEO.

Meanwhile, CyClean said that the exchange violates the listing agreement, especially given that the platform has already received the payment. 

Moreover, they have provided the photo of the agreement with Binance for the listing. Notably, the company claimed that the conversation had been made via [email protected] and this address had been confirmed by the technical specialists.

Binance, in its turn, said that they talked to a fraudster, wyhile Cyclen held that the email had been checked, so this means that this person probably works in Binance.

For now, Binance is yet to comment such statement.

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