Belgian authorities create preventive anti-scam website

Posted 06 June, 2018

The Belgian Federal Public Service and Financial Services and Markets Authority have reportedly launched a website to provide potential investors with the information about scam projects in the crypto market. 

According to the news reports, the new informational site will be called – Too good to be true. The site comes in French and Flemish and gives visitors information about the most well-known scams.

With this project, the authorities are striving to persuade investors to check the reliability of the projects and not to buy into promises of fast and easy profit.

"Collision with crypto coins can take different forms. Scammers try to trap consumers in different ways. Be extra cautious when paying online with cryptocurrencies, when investing in sports betting with crypto coins and with platforms for investments in crypto coins," reported CoinDesk citing the website note. 

In addition, the website features the register of scam projects, so everyone can check the project they have chosen. At the same time, the project team noted that some system errors are also possible and it should be taken into account that the companies can change titles to avoid such "blacklists".

For reference, the official statistics show the Belgians lose some EUR 130 million annually suffering from the crypto scams.

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06 June, 2018 15:34

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