Australian crypto exchanges to face financial market regulation

Posted 07 September, 2018

The Australian regulator announced a new strategy for the crypto exchanges and ICO.

Australia's Securities and Investment Commission has published a number of areas to focus on during 2018-2022 as the corporate plan reads. According to the document, the authority will give an eye to threats of such new products, as cryptocurrencies and ICO.

The regulator will reportedly develop new rules in 2018-2019. With this regulation, it will become able to regulate crypto exchanges using the rules for market infrastructure providers. Moreover, the regulator can break on the process of seeing potential losses and risks to investors.

The regulations are said to include such measures as certification that is now applied to monitor activities of market operators, derivative trading and clearing offices.

It is worth mentioning that the Australian regulator is yet to voice mandatory requirements for trading platforms. At the same time, the guidelines for ICO projects were drafted and released in 2017.

Australian exchanges offering crypto trading have to require client's identification as well as take AML measures.

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07 September, 2018 18:01

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