Andhra Pradesh hotels in India has to introduce blockchain-based registration

Posted 05 May, 2018

The law enforcement bodies in India's Andhra Pradesh stated ordered all hotels to install new blockchain-based registration system from local Zebi startup. The innovation is reportedly planned to be applied to hotels countrywide.

According to the whitepaper, this is a combination of blockchain and AI technologies aimed at collecting and storing visitors' data. As Zebi stated, this solution will not only ease off the procedure for the clients but also help to prevent potential criminal activities. 

In particular, the system compares the information with the police criminal and missing people database, which will help to clarify criminal past of a potential visitor.

The new system is called Zebi Al Chain, the developers stated. For now, more than 200 hotels (including The Park, Taj Gateway, and Novotel) have this innovation on board.

"All hotels are directed to enter their check-in particulars on a real-time basis without fail and they are adhering too ... 230 hotels are entering their guest particulars through this tech web page,"  said Dr Fakeerappa Kaginelli, IPS, Deputy Commissioner of Police in the Vizag region.

For reference, the Indian legislation requires that hotels provide the police with personal data of their visitors on a daily basis

"Generally, they do it manually, leaving scope for misuse during transportation and storage of papers. Time to process the documents too is long," said Babu Munagala, Zebi's founder, and CEO commented to the local media.

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