$1 billion was transferred from an unknown wallet

Posted 06 September, 2019

On September 6, one of the largest transactions in the history of bitcoin was recorded - at 94.504 BTC, in fiat equivalent it amounts to $1 billion. As noted, an unusually large transaction was completed at 06:30. About $700 commission was paid for its transfer. This was noticed by the Whale Alert Twitter account, which tracks large cryptocurrency transactions.

"94,504 #BTC (1,018,147,922 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to unknown wallet." - reported Whale Alert.

To date, there is no reliable information about who can be the sender and recipient of this amount. Among the possible candidates, the Bakkt crypto platform is called, which this Friday should begin storing the bitcoins of its clients according to the previously announced plan.

Analyst Alex Kruger draws attention to the fact that bitcoins on several of the largest non-exchange wallets came into motion at once.

''Now, whoever you are, please be a good friend and go 2x with this.'' - wrote he.

Well-known cryptographer Nick Szabo, meanwhile, declared the sender of the transaction inadvertently. According to Szabo, the amount of $ 1 billion is attractive enough to push interested parties to complete the transaction to return funds to the sender.

'' Such confidence in Bitcoin is splendid, but a 94,500 BTC tx tempts fate.'' - he claimed.

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