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NETBANX - is a computer plug-in that was created by Optimal Payments, a global provider of online payments. With its help customers can accept payments by debit and credit cards, to carry out a direct debit and other payment transactions with a high level of security. It is a reliable and flexible platform that can be customized by any user, matching his preferences, as well as for e-commerce sites for large-scale international online businesses. You can find more information on the official website of the company.
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03 November, 2015

Jose from Portugal


That's a good payment system. Personally I have found all necessary solutions for my financial needs. I can say that it's a perfect proportion of minimal actions and maximal results. I'm totally satisfied with it.

28 September, 2015

Yosep from Indonesia


I use this payment system for 3 years and not going to change it. Faced several problems, also with blocking, but not seen in my life any mechanism that would work smoothly. Wallet was unlocked promptly. All that was required from me is to provide scans of documents. Always answer to calls and letters.

19 September, 2015

DIKY SETIAWAN from Indonesia


Firstly, it is very excited to be able to refill your wallet and pay without commission. Many purchases I make with this payment system, as well as doing transactions. Everything is very simple and very convenient. You can order their credit card. All payments should be confirmed with SMS code, it's pretty safe. The only negative is cashout, where you can lose a lot. So, I prefer to spend all money within the system.

16 September, 2015

Asim Kumar Singha Roy from India


Till this moment I have no any problems with using of this payment method. Everything works without any errors, my business partners sends money and I am able to get money immediately.

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