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MoneyPolo - is a young electronic payment system, which belongs to Mayzus Financial Services Ltd. The company was founded in 2011 in the Czech Republic and for last 4 years gained a reputation of reliable and safe company, which enjoys the confidence of both retail customers and partner companies. MoneyPolo provides their users with affordable, safe and efficient services, considering time, income and location. Customers can individually set their user accounts and get quick and detailed consultation by the decision of any problems from technical support of MoneyPolo.
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19 February, 2018

theyknow from Germany


Moneypolo is holding my money already 4 months WITHOUT ANY RESPONSE.I have made 100 k (100 000) euro deposit on 10/8/2017 and at 10/9/2017 they have blocked my account and sent me email. Afther this they are not answering on my tickets ,on phone calls they act like they cant do nothing couz they are not verification department so only way to contact them is to send email. On emails ofcourse i get ignored evry single time.On online chat when ever i ask them something they just say (It will be resolved soon) and they remove online chat for me.Soo i think afther 4 months they are trying to steal my money but here evrything stops.Il post FULL STORY from start till end about my situation with them. THIS POST IS ABOUT HOW MONEYPOLO.COM (MAYZUS) SCAMMED ME BY BLOCKING MY ACCOUNT AND HOLDING MY 100K (100 000 EUROS) . So lets start. FEW PHOTOS OFF MY MONEYPOLO.COM ACCOUNT: IGNORED TICKETS LIST (SMALL PART OF IT) 1 year ago i opened account on ,evrything was fine.I started depositing normal ammounts and their system worked very well.I liked so much debits cards couz u was able to hold 4 debit cards at once with very good limits.So evrything was ok.I deposited more then 350 000 euros and evrything worked fine.In one moment they blocked my account and asked me about proof of bitcoins.So i needed write them TO DECLARE HOW I OBTAIN BITCOINS (SO I DID THIS).I started doing bitcoin mining long time ago.Afther i started trade and stocking cheap coins like (litecoin,dash,ethereum,etc).I also sent them all proofs of tradings and evrything which u can see in next photos.I sent them proof of trading in btc-e (wex now) .And alot more explanations.Soo afther we changed few messages they where satified with answers and proofs and they enabled my account. AND btc-e ACCOUNT PROOF PHOTOS Soo like u see in those photos.In that time they have enable my account and said " You clarified all the details which were necessary for the financial service successfully." Soo MY QUESTION IS why afther few months when i deposited money again they try to block me and ask me same questions again (AGAIN TO DECLARE MONEY) :))) . I gave them alot of time ,i trusted in them as before evrything was good.But now i can confirm that they are SCAMMERS and they want steal my money.COUZ I HAVE OPENED TONS OF TICKETS AND THEY JUST MARK IT LIKE REPLIED AND CLOSE IT. When they blocked Their first email was "further clarification on active btc operations" In this email they have asked me more things. Like: THEIR NEW QUESTION MY ANSWER FOR IT And they have told me that this is not enough so i need explain them more detailed which i did in next photos ul see. FULL EXPLANATION AGAIN WITH ALL PHOTOS: In this time i didnt trade anything like they saying in email. I was just exchanging my DASH TO BTC and depositing to their site like this. I even sent them proof of those exchanges as well. I SENT THEM EVRYTHING as CAN SEE IN NEXT PHOTOS. AND FROM THAT TIME THEY DIDNT RESPONDED TO ME EVER. SOO CONCLUSION ABOUT MONEYPOLO IS THAT THEY WILL SCAM U WHEN U TRY DO BIG WITH THEM. LIKE U SEE FROM WHOLE POST IN START I CLARIFIED ALL AND THEY ACCEPTED. AFTHER U GET FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE ABOUT THEM U START DEPOSITING MONEY BUT THEYL LIMIT U AND ASK AGAIN MORE AND MORE THINGS. LIKE U SAW I HAVE PROVIDED EVRYTHING INCLUDING NOTORIZIED DOCUMENTS AND ALL SINGLE PROOFS. WHEN THEY GET ALL THEY WILL JUST IGNORE U.I GAVE THEM ALOT OF TIME BUT NOBODY RESPONDS. IL ATTACH HERE POST ALSO OF TICKETS AND SUPPORT EMAILS WHICH I CONTACTED BUT NO ANSWERS FROM THEM AS WELL. MONEYPOLO TEAM Igor Sergeev , Alexandra Lapshina , Ksenia Karasova , Maria Chubarova

15 February, 2018

Braulio Oliveira from Brazil

After more than one year using, I've lost 4012 EUR after they introduced an IBAN that don't work. Even with SWIFT confirmation they couldn't tell what the problem was and insisted don't have the money. It sucks!

14 February, 2018

Alex from United States of America

Never get a reply to my requests, blocked account for no reason with money being stucked and can't get them out. They dissable chat support as soon as they see who is coming to talk to them and then chat is never available at all. No way to reach them and get money out. Will report them to authorities for stealing money.

26 January, 2018

Rami Fawaz from Israel


They are bad in some case's - Support worst thing i saw so far...there website is buggy to hell . sometimes show info something no ...there sending abilities throw sepa is okey so far - BUT THERE FEES IS FUCKEN DAM HIGH they take fee's for everything

21 January, 2018

Daniel from Germany

Loaded 300€ from moneypolo account to moneypolo Visa card, over 10 days ago. Never arrived, support unresponsive and sometimes only answers in Russian. Think they might have lost their banking license. Very scammy!

25 December, 2017

Anton from Russian Federation


It looked nice before I actually tried to use it. The web site seemed fine, personal verification went ok. But then all went to shit. All of a sudden they needed me to verify my payment method, sent the photo right away but took them 2 days to proceed. Then my phone number got messed up in their system so I can't receive SMS codes nor can I change it, just doesn't save. So I can't transfer my money anywhere cause it asks for a code and the one from the app doesn't work, and it says "this type of payment is not supported for me, need verification", but I had already done every verification there was. Support just doesn't respond, they don't work weekends and are now on holidays. What's even the point using this thing if any bank can do better for a lot less money?

28 July, 2017

Remo from Switzerland


MoneyPolo does not seem very legit. I'm wondering, how their operation is even legal. They cannot give information about a transaction which lies 2 days in the past. All they say is, that it is no longer in their system.

26 May, 2017

Dmitry from Austria


At the moment very negative impression. No customer service. They block funds and don't get back to you with any feedback for days. Be aware.

13 January, 2017

Lavinia Janice from India


I would have actually rated lesser if not for the amazing features the website offers. Th support is so bad, they take very long to reply and i think the worst experience so far is when they have a money hold when i make a deposit and their money hold is for 5+ hours. I fail to see the reason why this money hold is necessary when i have provided proper details and verification of my payment method. Other payment gateways are instant when a deposit is made via debit card.

08 March, 2016

Rudolf from Czech Republic


Very dissapointed. Too expensive and lot of bugs in their system. Mainly IT very bad.

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