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Posted 26 July, 2015

Poverty is a severe and pressing problem of nowadays that is constantly growing and unfortunately day-by-day strengthening. The less people are taking care of the others, the graver becomes the situation. The problem is formed in the origins of achievement of personhood. While starting life journey a person can fail properly finding himself or choose a wrong way of self developing. Another one situation is when a person has no even a chance for the welfare future. Even being a child he is automatically deprived of a possibility to obtain at least education that basically determines the future. Though having a poor possibilities to have meal, they have no opportunity to visit school. But people who seem to be hopelessly condemned may get another direction of destiny just in case they are helped. It is of extremely high importance to help children to get education and thus rescuing them of indigent future and saving the planet from misery. Their world is our oyster!

Here are mobile classrooms in India that under the DFID's support make it possible to involve children all over the world into education. Almost 90% of youngsters all over the world are currently studying in elementary school and are taught by 2 million more teachers than it was determined when the education targets were set. The progress has being decelerating and too few youngsters are staying on for secondary school. Thus educative strategy of DFID is targeted to increase the number of students on the each such level, starting from primary and up to higher education.

Children trying to shelter against the fights in the Central African Republic are studying at a transitory school by DFID's support. About a half of all the children who are still not in primary education are from the conflicting areas. DFID is extending aid provision to the countries like this. As the world lacks ten million more teachers, DFID helps tutoring about one hundred thousand teachers per year.

Education is not the only basic human right to maintain and esteem, it is worthy and dignified investment in the wealthy future of the whole generation. Educated people know more, live longer, lead the countries they live and their children will live in, to prosperity keeping them in peace! Get education, grant education, grant the future, save the future!

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