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Volans (VOL) is a decentralized financial and credit system. Users have the opportunity to use the platform to make instant transactions: paying bills and buying goods using the assets of the crypto currency. The platform is a safe depository of crypto currency and instantly receives loans.
NFC contactless payment technologies are used to pay for goods and services that take place in a few seconds. The Volans system is the issuer of debit and credit cards. With the help of a debit or credit card, the user can exchange money and receive cash at ATMs within the available balance or make other transactions using the assets of the crypto currency that are provided to the user within the credit limit.

  • ensuring the safe storage and use of ships
  • mobile application Volans
  • Purse "Volans" on the basis of Blockchain technology and standard ERC-20
  • Credit rating based on Blockchain technology
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