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Nahestr. 28 55411 Bingen am Rhein, Germany
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2018.04.10 - 2018.05.10
Blockchain Infrastructure IT
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Unibright (UBT) is a project to create a unified platform for the integration of business processes based on blockbodies, which allows you to integrate flowcharts and business contracts into the business without knowledge of programming languages. The platform provides ready-made template permissions and performs work on a managed interface that will allow integrating business users into the business in a few clicks without knowledge of programming languages.
The goal of the project developers is to solve the problems faced by businessmen who want to integrate the block into their business.

With the Visual Workflow Designer, which provides a platform - visually create a smart contract, through which it is possible to draw up a flowchart, and the Contract Lifecycle Manager tool translates everything from the visual editor to the programming language. After that, thanks to the Unibright Connector function, you can integrate your child into any infrastructure and any block system, and Unibright Explorer will allow all these processes to monitor and monitor the current business process.

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