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2018.02.19 - 2018.04.30
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Saifu creating a safe and regulated bridge between crypto and fiat currencies that enables individuals, businesses and banks to seamlessly add cryptocurrencies to their everyday operations and smoothly transition to the digital economy   
Saifu is a financial service, which provides one account for all currencies & cryptocurrencies.

Saifu is a platform for buying, storing and using cryptocurrency.

Saifu is a project to create a financial platform that would support both fiat and cryptocurrency, combining them in one account with the ability to exchange and deposit/withdrawal both types of currencies.

Their platform offers the clients to purchase, store, spend and exchange fiat and cryptocurrency in a single account with the use of their IBAN accounts and debit cards.

Saifu can offer such payment systems as SWIFT and also it can be with Visa or MasterCards. As well as such crypto-currencies as ETH and BTC.

They offer a mobile version and desktop.. Within the framework of the applications, the user can see transaction history, fiat/crypto balance and perform the necessary operations.

Saifu supports multifactor authentication, data encryption, Web Application Firewall, Anti-DDoS protection and Intrusion Detection & Prevention System.

SFU ERC-20 compatible tokens carry standard utility functions as part of the functioning of financial services.


Saifu is a licensed payment institution. Unlike many other cryptocurrency services, we choose to be fully transparent and work with national regulators, so our customers can entrust their savings and investments to us. While other blockchain services may be gone tomorrow because they flout regulation, as a licensed financial services provider, Saifu offers customers important safeguards, including:

- Regulator reports
- Internal controls
- Risk management
- External audits of IT security and internal processes
- KYC procedures
- AML monitoring of fiat transactions
- AML monitoring of blockchain transactions

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