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2018.06.03 - 2018.07.04
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QuarkChain is a high-performance blockchain whose goal is to achieve a speed of one million transactions per second (TPS). A high-performance system solves the scalability problem faced by the main blockchain systems. (Bitcoin is now only 4 TPS).
The QuarkChain architecture is based on a balance between security, scalability and decentralization.
Scalability and security do not always go hand in hand when it comes to blockchain technology. QuarkChain decided to find a solution that balances both these needs by separating the two main functions of the chain into separate layers.
QKC tokens will initially be released in ERC-20 format and distributed across the Ethereum blockchain. After launching mainnet in Q4 2018, ERC-20 tokens will be converted to token-QKC and will be used as a measure of value, currency for conducting transactions and as a reward for contributing to the project.
QuarkChain will support smart contracts on the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) to ensure future compatibility with existing dApps, which will increase scalability.

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