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Petro (PTR) is a sovereign cryptoactive product released by the Venezuelan state as the basis for creating an independent, transparent and open digital economy.


  • Oil assets are used to facilitate the introduction of cryptoactive assets and technologies based on the country's block chain.
  • Petro works to consolidate as an investment option, a savings mechanism and a means of exchange with government services, industry, and trade.

Token Petro (PTR) has three main uses:

  • PTR is used to buy goods or services and is repaid for cash and other cryptoactive assets or for crypto conversions through digital exchange houses.
  • As a digital platform, it can perform the functions of digital representation of goods and raw materials (electronic goods) and create other digital tools for national and international trade.
  • Token is available for exchange in e-currency trading places and will have characteristics for conducting direct exchanges (Atomic Swaps) in accordance with the legislative framework of Venezuela.

Each token is divided into 100000000 units. The minimum unit of measure will be called Mene and will be 0.00000001 PTR.

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