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Street Gurskogo 37, office 5 H, room 19/19 Minsk, Republic of Belarus 193029355
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2018.04.16 - 2018.06.10
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Multiversum (MTV) is a platform fourth generation of block. The project uses biometric information, thanks, it is possible to manage complex data structures, with access through biometric wallets; new type of methodology Proof of integrity "proof of integrity" and many other functions.
The choice of checking the retina and fingerprints has become a more refined technological level for wallets. Information and money can only be transferred using your biometric data.

In centralized systems, biometric data is collected in a single database and is made available to virtually everyone who is interested in them, and this often causes problems with security.
The new blocker is compatible with ERC20 and ERC23 tokens. Solutions Multiversum can also be placed on external lockers.
The main novelty of the blocker Multiversum - high speed of operations, the ability to perform parallel operations with the separation of the block.

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02 April, 2019

CoKo from El Salvador


it was a promising project, its so pity they did not continue their work

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