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The mainframe is a decentralized messaging protocol designed to help combat censorship, while increasing the confidentiality of individuals and groups. It is based on the Kademlia network, which is decentralized for its nature and enhances the privacy and stability of the system.
The Mainframe network consists of several layers that use a combination of advanced cryptography and blockchain.
There are several main components that provide the Mainframe network:

  • Mainframe plans to use the highest levels of encryption technology and offer secure messaging for P2P and group communication.
  • The Mainframe network will use Dark Routing; nodes will be part of a decentralized network, which makes messaging almost impossible to track.
  • The network will be built using a peer-to-peer architecture. This means that Mainframe data will be distributed throughout the network. As a result, the network cannot be censored or closed.
  • Awards are given to nodes that support the network. Therefore, people have financial motivation to support Mainframe’s decentralized infrastructure.
  • Network Mainframe allows you to interact between systems, the platform will be available in any application, network or blockchain, which will require a truly permanent connection.
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