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Estonia Tartu mnt 83-701 Tallinn Harjumaa 10115
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English, Portuguese, French
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2018.02.12 - 2018.04.30
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Jury.Online (JOT) is a block-platform for multi-stage release of tools and tokens. The functionality of the system provides an opportunity to execute transactions that, in the case of problems of providing all necessary infrastructure, involve attracting, reviewing and making decisions. In the simplest and most common cases, experts study the conditions prescribed in the smart contract and the events that have occurred. Depending on their correlation of decision towers. In the mechanics of the platform means an appeal, that is, a re-examination of the dispute. But in the case of a re-decision in favor of one of the parties, the case is closed and the execution of the smart contract in accordance with it.

JOT is the website token. Provides the ability to pay for ICO, arbitrators and internal services. JOT is used to pay for Juri.Online services in conjunction with ETH.
The main services of Jury.Online are the organization ICO, which forms an intellectual contract for the use of financing, attracted during the work of the ICO and the dispute resolution service with Jury.Online.

The platform Jury.Online for its services collects 1% of investment in projects or 0.5% when investing in JOT, which creates demand for a platform token.

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