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2018.04.25 - 2018.05.24
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Faxport (FAS) is a business service for the maintenance and financing of sports commerce based on blockchain. The platform uses a decentralized and unmodified distributed registration technology for a high level of security and mutual trust of users, as well as reducing abuse and creating a trust system for the global sports industry. Thus, we provide a platform for participants with user experience based on trust and security.
The developers set the goal to create a popular and professional sports platform for business among other platforms. The system is aimed at creating a transparent and reliable sports economy based on the three main advantages of blockade security, transparency and efficiency.
The Faxport ecosystem is designed to address common problems faced by supporters of the sports market, as well as to increase the retention of users through the adoption of positive incentive mechanisms and dispute resolution, and attempts to change to wider areas of use and regions.

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