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EOS.IO is software that is designed for vertical and horizontal blockchain scaling architecture in decentralized applications. This is achieved through a design similar to the operating system. Developed by the team Block.One.


EOS.IO allows you to create blocks exactly every 0.5 seconds, and only one user produces a block at any one time.
EOS.IO requires each transaction to include part of the hash of the last block header. 
EOS.IO provides accounts, authentication, databases, asynchronous communication and application scheduling on many CPU cores or clusters.
The owner of EOS tokens has the ability to delegate or rent such unused bandwidth to others; block manufacturers will recognize this deletion of bandwidth and accordingly allocate bandwidth.

The blockchain awards new tokens to the block producer when creating blocks. In these circumstances, the number of created tokens is determined by the median of the desired salary, published by all the block producers. The EOS.IO software can be configured in such a way as to limit the manufacturers' premiums, so that the total annual increase in the delivery of tokens does not exceed 5%.

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