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Daox is an investment ecosystem and a blockchain-based platform that provides a complete solution for ICOs, crowdfunding and crowdfunding with the application of the concept of a decentralized autonomous organization.

The main idea of Daox is that each startup and its investors form a separate DAO that is governed by its participants. We call this kind of organizations Fundraising DAOs.

Fundraising DAOs play the role of advanced intermediaries between startups and its investors providing a leap forward in the efficiency of investing and raising funds.

The Daox Ecosystem consists of investors, startups, DAOs and third-party services. Third-party service providers are integrating their services and tools for startups and investors via Daox Open API, thus fueling the continuous growth of the ecosystem.

The DXC token enables all the interactions in the Daox ecosystem. It has a built-in functionality to be easily integrated with third-party services.

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