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Since 10 April, 2018
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Countinghouse (CHT)
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2018.04.09 - 2018.05.15
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Their company believes in providing professional investors with Forex and crypto currency solutions by implementing algorithmic computer training and deep mathematical principles combined with experience in the field of human and market psychology in order to strengthen its investment portfolio and ensure the return of profits from the market.

Countinghose Fund is an algorithmic trade in crypto-currencies, which derives profit due to volatility of the market. Other key parts of the portfolio include the trade of bilateral arbitration methods (adapted for the crypto-currency market) and passive reserves, such as crypto-investments and ICO investments.

The profit will be calculated on a quarterly basis for net growth and reported accordingly. These reports will be published during the release.

The Countinghouse Foundation uses a number of mathematical methods to reduce risk:

- Mathematically weighing portfolios with negative correlations. Each currency pair is traded by its own automatic algorithm. However, there are also algorithms that control the portfolio and quantitatively analyze the results of each individual pair and weigh the portfolio to increase negative correlations.
- Cross-Portfolio God-Stop acts as a security network and closes all active transactions if the fund begins to lose profits.
- Algorithmically responds to statistical values ​​of Z-Score.
- Profit targets are calculated using R-values

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