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10/F, Hongkong Offshore Centre No. 28, Austin Avenue Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
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English, Korean
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2018.04.21 - 2018.05.20
Social Media & Communication Commerce & Retail
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CosmoChain (COSM) is a social platform that unites customers and creators. Users are able to download and view the submitted content, as well as vote, leave comments or rewrite and edit their individual profiles. Developers when verifying the replenishment of content that occurs using an internal algorithm reward users for contributing to the platform. In addition to the basic information provided by the participants, the company can organize sponsored projects, where additional data, polls or tests are needed.
The "Project" section contains information about the current lists of sponsored projects, the CosmoPower award, and the qualifications for participation.

Ecosystem Cosmochain has features. The platform includes two tokens and one internal virtual index:

CosmoCoin is an externally traded token.
CosmoPower is the index of contribution to the platform. The token is used to make payments within the platform and is given out as a reward for the actions.
CosmoLevel is a virtual index designed to prevent abuse of opportunities within the platform and can only be accumulated through actual actions and user input. These three objects create a healthy ecosystem of CosmoChain.

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27 March, 2019

Angela from United Kingdom


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