Canadian Dollar Forecast: GBP/CAD, CAD/CHF, NZD/CAD, EUR/CAD

Posted 20 February, 2020


GBP / CAD recently discontinued 2019. September. The rise and opened the door to a short-term correction of the bears, when it rose by nearly eight percent in five months. As the pair declines, the trend may fall slightly to 1.6957, but seller pressure may gain momentum if support is lifted. In addition, GBP / CAD traders will observe the October volatility minimum at 1.6730. If this happens, it may limit the short-term loss of the couple.


Chart showing GBP/CAD

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Below the low of 0.7252 CAD / CHF steadily climbed a steep slope. However, a bold price movement may become more indecisive as the pair approaches the sphere of multi-level resistance. The first attempt will be to clear the ceiling from 0.7473 to 0.7490. If the growth rate is stable, the pair may double-check the January maximum at 0.7504. If he breaks down for further action, he can revive a lightning-fast mood.


Chart showing CAD/CHF

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After melting in October's rise, NZD / CAD is down nearly three percent and is approaching November's support range of 0.8368 to 0.8350. As this level decreases, the sales pressure may decrease and before the recovery, huge buyer capacity may arise. Conversely, if the floor is loose, it can enhance the feel of the bear and push the couple to try again in 2019. October month.


Chart showing NZD/CAD

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Starting February 4, EUR / CAD suffers losses for 12 consecutive days, the longest record loss since it has been trading at its lowest level for three years. Couples seem to show signs of leaving when sellers retreat and buyers quickly engage in battle. The EUR / CAD recovery may experience some friction around 1.4372, but if it continues, this may indicate the beginning of a slight recovery.


Chart showing EUR/CAD

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