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The company Panda TS was founded in 2007 and is a leading provider of brokerage technologies that offers advanced solutions and advisory services in the brokerage industry. Firm offers trading systems to market participants with a complete set of solutions, low latency trading instumentov and web technology. They assist market participants to accelerate reaction to market trends and the adoption of new features while minimizing operational risks and costs. Company's mission is to provide financial firms with cutting edge solutions to 'lead the pack' in their particular sector within their industry.

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13 March, 2019

Lior from Croatia


Thanks for the great site! With a minimum budget, the guys made a very functional and beautiful site! I recommend to everyone!

07 October, 2018

Sander from Luxembourg


I do not admire their work, because everything is done on a pattern. There is no development, they try to neutralize the negative with good reviews.

02 October, 2018

Danny McCloud from United States of America


If you are looking for 360 solution for your business or for your startups, you can go for Pandats as they provide the complete solution for your trading. Even you get different packages for your needs. As I have personally experienced Pandats, I can suggest you people to go surely for Pandats.

24 September, 2018

Phyllis Smith from United States of America


We are completely satisfied with PandaTS reliable trading platform. It work seamlessly among all devices. Their advisory services helps us to minimizing operational risks and costs. Highly recommend PandaTS fully customizable platform.

24 September, 2018

Josefina Crane from United States of America


I got Panda TS as the best technology vendor. They are able to provide us with the exact customization necessary to support our brand’s rapid growth. They ensures successful deposits and a smoother customer experience. 24/7 Support.

24 September, 2018

Eddie Guimond from United States of America

I Trust

It is one of the best software development company for online financial trading. They are expert in system integration they always responding rapidly to customer requirements. We are very happy with their build and support for first-class brokerage

20 February, 2016

Andre Luiz from Brazil


Have a large trading experience - 5 years on FX. Traded at various brokerages and I came up to some tricky strategy. Due to lack of free time recently, the question of having an EA was raised. However, programming is something that I will never understand. So, I asked these guys to code me an EA with possibility to adjust it by myself (yeah, so they won't use my strategy). In 3 weeks job was done, tested EA at 3 brokerages - so far, so good.

12 January, 2016

Teo Huck from Singapore


I developed my own win-win strategy but lack of knowledge really hindered me in taking the amounts of profit i am really able to. They got me a reliable man who developed an EA according to my schemes and specifications. When EA showed the first results I was so happy, because it was just as I calculated with no mistakes and any other things.

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