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Forexware offers software solutions and technologies for large companies, institutions and small businesses. They provides first level of liquidity and allows brokerage firms to hedge from non-bank providers of liquidity worldwide. Special development ForexStarterKit helps small businesses to increase their customer base. Forexware also offers solutions for white lable, which will help their customers to provide a simple and flexible Forex solution to their traders with advanced possibilities of dealing and risk management. Technical support of the company is always ready to help in case of sudden emergencies.

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29 March, 2019

Foma Rechin from Russian Federation


Я не был доволен результатом который получил после работы с этими разработчиками, их план создания платформы довольно устарело.

13 March, 2019

Maruf from Australia


We want to thank the company Forexware for the professional approach and quality site!

28 March, 2016

Andrew from Bulgaria


Had to process all my orders by hand and it was a dissaster I would say. It was so hart and exausting to the point it affected my health. good thing one of my friends adviced me not to torment myself and order a backoffice. I had some exparience with this kind of thing, and not really trusted it, because of mistakes, that might pop out and ruin my business reputation. But guys executed everything smoothly. No complains, no problems, and processing is 6 times faster now. I can only thank them.

23 March, 2016

Ramish from India


One of the best vps service providers today. In addition to a huge number of advantages it has 1 big con - you cannot pay with some e-wallets for its services. A huge plus is that it has a large range of servers around the world. In general, best soltion for vps that I came up yet.

01 March, 2016

Hector from Mexico


Working for an outsource agency that provides financial consultation. The chat support module, which I'm working in, was developed by this company. It has very convenient interface and stable performance during decent loadout (10-15 active chats at time). I don't know how much it cost for the company, but it definitely was worth it's money.

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