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P2P exchange socially

Yuppex is the first cryptocurrency social network in the world. It is ecosystem for p2p exchange, management and investment. Each user will find what he needs. The trader will find tools for trading cryptocurrency and other assets.

P2P management

The P2P manager will find tools for organizing work with clients and investment portfolios. Successful P2P Managers can take part in the rating of managers. This competition is only for the most worthy traders. Moreover, even ordinary people, for example, housewives, can take part in investments. It is easy because everything is simple, clear and transparent.

P2P investment

You can select managers and mentors in the rating and subscribe to them. It is huge set of analytical tools. It will allow you to observe transparently the result of each trade or investment. P2P Investors can also invest in successful managers. And many more other P2P services that we have all been waiting for and looking for before in many companies. All this is only here in Yuppex.

Investment opportunities

Yuppex opens up innovative investment opportunities. Everything that happens on the platform happens only Peer-to-Peer (P2P). Users change only with each other, subscribe to each other’s portfolios only, earn only to each other. Yuppex platform has the character of a huge smart contract ecosystem. It serves the actions of users, acts as a guarantor of reliability and takes a commission for it. And most importantly - it's all social! Even each individual field can be transparently shown to friends or anyone if you wish. You can show account to earn respect and trust of other participants. Even each accounts result can be commented and shown. But you can hide all if you want to maintain privacy.

Yuppex Master Franchise

The opportunity to participate in a social network project is available. Yuppex offers a local Master Franchise. Now you can get your own business - a social cryptocurrency network. Thus, you can become a member of the private crypto-entrepreneurs Yuppie club.

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Yuppex Reviews

30 April, 2020

iron balls trader from United Kingdom

I Trust

This is a very useful solution. I have not seen this before. Of course, inside the whole ecosystem. There is an exchange. There is a sociality. But I tried to compare it with some kind of social project, for example, etoro. But I realized that this is a completely unique platform. This is truly a P2P product. P2P traders change their assets with each other, person to person. P2P managers manage for person to person. Subscribers, investors invest peer-to-peer. Each user, without exception, has these features. It inspired me incredibly. I have wanted these tools for over 20 years. This platform, like Aliexpress or eBay, or Facebook, but for the exchange of digital coins. Just super! This is just my opinion, but I am very pleasantly surprised by the new features. And all this is social.

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