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Waves (WAVES) is a platform designed for large-scale business, allowing any user to launch their own digital token in less than one minute, and trade them as a cryptocurrency asset in a safe and simple way. Waves were made to make the benefits of blockchain technology available to conventional businesses and users.
The platform was released in 2016 and was designed for those who want to access them, and became the basis for Tokenomica and Upcoin.
Features and benefits of the WAVE:

  • safe storage and trading of assets
  • easily executable operations with markers (creation, transfer, exchange)
  • simple user interface
  • solving critical long-term problems
  • high speed and scalability.

Waves is a personal decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows users to trade their tokens, including WAVES, BTC and any other assets released on the Waves platform.

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Waves Reviews

03 April, 2019

JoonGi from South Korea


Good volatility is growing steadily and this is an interesting technology, but there are also disadvantages

23 July, 2018

Daniil from Finland


on the platform it will be possible to create your own token and launch collection of funds for your project. i think a promising and very interesting currency

23 July, 2018

Isabella Frey from Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of


Waves is a reliable asset for investments and there is strong volotility. Waves has a stock exchange. That says about the greater reliability of the coin, than hundreds of other cryptocurrencies. But also this coin is already quite expensive, but still not so expensive as Bitcoin or Etherium. But if u are not a trader, but an investor, invest some money in this coin and let them lie for a year and a half and u will not regret that they did so. This coin will rapidly break into the top 10 cryptocurrency both in popularity and in value.

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