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Veritaseum (VERI) is a decentralized stand-alone platform managed on the basis of smart contracts. This is an intelligent wallet interface that allows any user to create, enter and manage intellectual contracts without the need for any intermediaries or centralized powers.
Software solutions Veritaseum project dedicated to providing service to existing companies, which currently cant afford to completely change the scheme of work and abruptly go to the Office of decentralization principles. This project is distinguished by its versatility and flexible concept of work. The centralized components of the system allow the client to use the functionality of the platform while independently monitoring the servers.
Veritaseum will allow users to interact with real-world products that are completely based on blockchain technology and intellectual contracts, including P2P trading, P2P and DAO letters of credit. VERI tokens enable users to interact with the Veritaseum wallet interface.
The whole project is aimed at optimizing different companies for working with blocking technologies, applying cryptographic encryption technology, ensuring confidentiality, security and high speed of transactions, which provides users with ample opportunities for effective work within the Veritaseum site.

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25 July, 2018

Karol M from Romania


Cryptocurrency with positive dynamics of development. A promising currency for small investors, traded on the exchange.

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