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Storm (STORM) is a platform on blockchain technology, offering users favorable conditions.
Storm is based on the blockchain system to expand its platform and create StorMarket, a decentralized micro-task market economy.
StorMarket is a place where customers can use their skills to perform tasks. Automation with blockchain technology allows you to integrate all aspects of project management and marketing aspects of a micro-task into a platform.

The developers of Storm focused on the development of the application for mobile devices, which allows participants to connect to the system in any free time. Tools have been created for the active interaction of customers and performers around the world, which increases the relevance of the project and the range of opportunities for earning and development.
For such an improvement in the quality of the services provided, a qualification system is formed for the performers - they see only those tasks that are suitable for their category. Active and high-quality execution of the accepted tasks increases the range of opportunities for earning.

STORM - platform cryptocurrency. Token is used to calculate earnings and rewards, the participants of the system are able to place advertisements and orders.


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