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SALT (SALT) is network for loans and loans on the block.
The platform is designed:

  • For a managed loan purchase;
  • Allows users to use their blocking assets to secure loans in cash;
  • Users can receive loans using their cryptocurrency holdings as collateral.

Within the framework of the project, everyone can obtain a loan on the security of their cryptocurrency assets or provide a similar loan in exchange for collateral digital money. The user is given a loan secured by the existing cryptocurrency. Not only SALT savings are taken into account - the platform assumes work in a multi-currency environment, providing conversion at the current exchange rate.
The advantage of such a system is expressed in its accessibility, as well as relative independence from the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. The user leaves in a pledge digital means, receiving fiat money. Repayment of the debt is also carried out by national money based on the terms of the loan, and not the value of the collateral.
A distinctive feature of the SALT platform from most digital projects and cryptocurrency is work in the legal field. This approach is conditioned by the fact that lending is regulated by international norms for issuing loans and protecting consumer rights.

You can use the platform only after registering membership (SALT Membership) - ERC20 smart-contract for Ethereum, which provides a SALT token.

Buy SALT on the Binance. 

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