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Revain (R) is a overview platform on the blockchain for reviews. The development was planned to create a site for independent and objective assessments and reviews, provide counter-arguments and clarify the controversial points of all digital projects, both existing and announcing the ICO.
The main goal of Revain is to create a site for user feedback and comments. The developers emphasize that the platform that is based guarantees the preservation and unchangeability of all data.

Taking into account the principle of invariability of stored information, the developers of Revain pay attention to protection against malicious acts. Revain users receive awards for publishing reviews and reviews of startups. Companies are given the opportunity to comment on user feedback, provide counter arguments and clarify points of contention. For companies, such an assessment becomes an objective opportunity to identify the user-specific relevance of their developments, and for investors - the potential of ICO and investments.

Two tokens in the Revain system are oriented to different tasks. RVN - internal crypto currency, providing fixed prices for services.
R - tokens for their own project-related crowd design, and exchange trading.

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