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NEO is a non-profit community-based project that utilizes blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets, to automate the management of digital assets using smart contracts, and to realize a "smart economy" with a distributed network. 
Since its inception, the NEO team has experienced the upsurge and boom of the blockchain industry and the frenzy and cooling of the digital money market. 
With blockchain technology, the digitization of assets can be decentralized, trustful, traceable, highly transparent, and free of intermediaries. On the NEO blockchain, users are able to register, trade, and circulate multiple types of assets. 
NeoVM, has the advantages of high certainty, high concurrency, and high scalability. The NeoContract smart contract system will allow millions of developers around the world to quickly carry out the development of smart contracts. 

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18 July, 2018

Ken Bo from Singapore


NEO uses the PoS algorithm, which allows to mine without high energy costs. the policy of NEO is not to oppose itself to the government, but on the contrary - to work very closely, so you can trust with them to work very large companies - Microsoft and Alibaba

18 July, 2018

Salvatore from Italy


the platform allows you to conduct an overwhelming number of transactions in a matter of seconds and with minimal commissions and use NEO resources as a guarantor in the conduct of a common business im attracted and forced to constantly invest in this cryptocurrency, i dont find any cons

18 July, 2018

Tony Coda from Philippines


the only cryptocurrency that has a very promising and dynamically developing platform, here i have not found the problem of network scalability, and i can quickly carry out smart transactions perfect place

17 July, 2018

Bernard from Portugal


Hello! This is one of the best platforms at the moment in my opinion, which has great prospects, its a good project. It can be seen that the developers take care of their project and users. The platform will bring the world of crypto currency to a new level, using a simple and affordable in the future. All the best!

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