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Nebulas (NAS) is a decentralized platform, a search engine where you can track and evaluate the degree of effectiveness of the developed blockbuster projects. The platform uses the Nebulas Rank, which measures the value, considering the liquidity and distribution of the address, Nebulas Force (NF), supports the updating of the main protocols and intellectual contracts in the chains and the protocol for activating developers (DIP). The Nebulas platform was created to create a site for the development of block projects on the basis of smart contracts and various programming languages.
On the basis of the Nebulas search engine, the user gets access to any project - a list of relevant developments, as well as related applications, is created on request. The platform participant does not need to develop from scratch smart contracts, it is enough to find a suitable offer or technology.

To perform its tasks, the platform is divided into three parts: Nebulas Rank, Nebulas Force and Developer Incentive Protocol.

The NAS- token ERC20, based on Ethereum. Cryptocurrency Nebulas (NAS) is designed for internal functional. Its main purpose is rewarding developers and network support nodes. It also acts as a means of payment, providing access to the proposed smart contracts.

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