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Kyber Network (KNC) - a platform based on the blockchain Ethereum. The improved algorithm allows the user to convert the converted user's currency to the destination address. Decentralized exchanges do not store users' funds, the exchange is carried out using smart contracts directly. When exchanging Ether for EOS, the ismart contract in the search mode will find the applicant and make the transfer directly.

EVE, a tool that ensures the effectiveness of the introduction of ZCAS technologies.

The project Kyber Network offers the functionality of various API-applications in the work with cryptocurrencies. We are actively implementing smart airtime contracts, on the basis of which digital money transactions are being implemented.
With the help of Kyber Network applications, it is possible to translate the required number of bitcoins at the current exchange rate, which will be delivered to the seller already in the form of ETH.

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25 July, 2018

Pablo Mosh from Jamaica


Hello, I want to share with you my opinion about cryptocurrency. This currency attracted me by its price and its dynamics of price changes. This is a digital currency. I read the news on Twitter, the developers are engaged in this currency. My opinion:I would advise buying this currency for everyone, and keep it on a long basis, because it is not expensive and shows quite good growth.

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