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GAS (GAS) is a cryptocurrency, one of the two payment assets used on the NEO platform. GAS is the subsidiary currency of the NEO coin. The platform is the dominant on the blockchain, which is used for selective accounting, and for obtaining dividends GAS.
NEO through technology, including P2P, dBFT, digital certificate, intellectual contract, superconducting trade, interworking protocol, enables people to effectively and safely manage intellectual contracts.
NEO is a platform for developing new projects, tokens and coins, which is released as a result of the rebranding of the project Ant Share. NEO is called Chinese Ethereum, since both projects provide similar functionality. A convenient system for developers, because you can create your projects on the basis of the most popular programming languages: C #, JAVA, GO.

There are several ways to acquire the GAS cryptocurrency:

Purchase on the stock exchanges Binance, Kucoin, Poloniex, Coinnest where in the main, trades are paired with bitcoin.
Keep on the balance of your wallet the coins NEO, and transfer to yourself the dividends in the form of GAS.
Example: on the balance of 10 NEO coins, the annual income in the form of dividends will be about 10%, which are listed in the form of GAS.


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15 August, 2018

Enry Fox from Puerto Rico


I started an active path to passive earnings 2 years ago. During this time i learned about binary options, but i heard about bitcoin only a year ago, and already there is a result - I can pay for monthly rehearsals in my music group. The main thing now is to move forward, learn and develop.

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