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Ethos was previously known as Bitquence (BQX). Ethos (ETHOS) - a universal wallet, currency board, social network.
The main goal is to create a platform in which the participant of the system can easily exchange money for digital money and store the savings in those assets that will bring the most daughters without worrying about safety. Developers strive to integrate as many options as possible into asset management, while optimizing the use of such a purse-browser to a simple and convenient interface.

In the development of Ethos, attention is paid to its cryptocurrency. The appointment is determined by the internal functionality - payment for access to platform tools, commissions, the appointment of awards for voting, the conduct of transactions between users. To this end, Ethos developers distinguish two main tools - the functional of a universal wallet, providing a technical base for asset management, and social interaction. The voting and evaluation system creates statistical data, and also allows you to exchange experiences.
Cryptocurrency ETHOS demonstrates a steady upward trend, confirming the possibility of investing. Analysts consider options for short-term and long-term investments, but also warn about the standard risks associated with the implementation of the project and the functioning of the platform, the success of which actually depends on the user activity and the relevance of the development.

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28 March, 2019

Nick Black from Puerto Rico


i think that this is a promising currency, but I read forecasts and there will be a collapse...

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