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Digix DAO is a new form of decentralized self-organization of a company's cryptographic asset written in code that is designed to perform a set of functions with the owners of token votes regarding the number of tokens that they store. All holders of Digix DAO tokens control the development of Digix. Digix is ​​a platform for asset tokensisation on Ethereum, for transferring management of a payment system based on digital gold to asset blocking users.
Therefore, if people trade 20 gold bars a day - holders of Digix DAO tokens will receive commission profits from these trades, distributed equally among themselves.

Instead of issuing company shares or equity participation, the protocol issues DAO tokens as a software product. Digix DAO is managed on a "bottom-up" basis, that is, DAO employees send offers to owners of DGD tokens to build such a system as they want to see it. The owners of DGD token holders follow the final response to approve or reject the projects.

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28 March, 2019

VanGuten from Norway


After bitcoin rose sharply. Everything just went crazy and now everything is continually invested in some kind of currency there. I read a lot of negativity about this coin.

24 July, 2018

reo from Philippines


The price for DigixDAO tokens will grow unambiguously, but this demand will be caused not by a specific need for a product or service that the buyer will buy, but exclusively for speculative purposes. i invest my money in this project.

24 July, 2018

Rebecca Co from Norway


I found for myself the main advantage in this crypto currency. The user can always demand it back, and the value of this digital currency is already created not only by users, but also by a very specific precious metal.

24 July, 2018

Wittenberg from Germany


I noticed an important point, the opinion of depositors is fundamental. Digix developers are not given the opportunity to manipulate the DAO software without the consent of investors. Just pay attention to it!

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